Proiseact nan Ealan, PNE, is the national development agency for the Scottish Gaelic arts. PNE is based in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis and works nationally and internationally. PNE is a registered charity and its key stakeholders are Creative Scotland, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Bòrd na Gàidhlig.

PNE is not a funding agency but researches, develops and pilots new initiatives in the Gaelic arts which, when they prove sustainable, are set-up as independent companies and organisations.

Past PNE initiatives include Fèisean nan Gaidheal, the Ceolas summer school and the Tosg theatre company.

PNE productions such as An Leabhar Mòr: The Great Book of Gaelic, and St Kilda: a European Opera have won an extensive range of awards.


  • Pròiseact Nan Ealan
  • 10 Iomair Sligeach
  • Steòrnabhagh
  • Eilean Leòdhais
  • HS1 2BS
  • Fòn: 01851 704493