Turas Uig - in your pocket

the Uig Chess Men

Turas Uig

mobile phone app.

Available May 2013 - Take the Turas Uig for free.

All the Uig Bay stories in Gaelic and English together with maps, directions and location triggers in your pocket.

Now available from the iTunes Store and Google Play for Android.

Download the Turas Uig App to your own smart phone, and enjoy the stories anywhere. Better still download the app and come to Uig and get the full benefit of the technology, the landscape and the stories.

Now available for iPhone and soon for Android, the Turas Uig App is an audio guide in your pocket. Bringing you all the Turas Uig stories, the app can use your phone's location services to play the stories back in Gaelic and English - on the spot.

Turas uig the app on a phone